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  • Why Buy Organic Eggs?
    Farm fresh eggs are proven to have more vitamin D & Vitamin E. They also have more protein. Farm fresh tastes so much better then store bought. There is a dramatic quality difference. Store bought have a runnier yoke and don't have as much flavour. Farm fresh egg yokes are not as runny which makes it easier to crack. Below is a video CBC market place made of a invenstigation on store bought vs farm fresh eggs.
  • Were Do We Get Our Feed From?
    We proudly get our feed from B-W Feed & Seed in New Hamburg
  • When can I pickup my eggs?
    Usually, you can expect to pickup your order within 48 hours of us receiving it. You will get a confirmation email once ready for pickup.
  • Does the colour of the egg make it taste different?
    In short, no. Both blue and brown eggs taste the exact same they just have a different shell colour.
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